Armistice and After: The Legacy of the WWI Generation in the U.S.

The Great War, aka World War One, truly changed the course of human history. The experience of those who fought in it would have a huge impact on both their later decisions, which lead to WW2, and their children.

The Angry Staff Officer

“This is the great reward of service, to live, far out and on, in the life of others.”
– Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

I came upon this quote about four years ago – near the 100th anniversary of Chamberlain’s death – and right around the time that France, Germany, the UK (and the Commonwealth Countries) were beginning to commemorate the centennial of the First World War. It has stayed with me over the past four years, as I, too, began my own journey towards the Armistice – though I did not know it then. I was recently home from Afghanistan, my own piece of war, and in search of something to throw my mind into to turn it towards peace. And, paradoxically, I found the generation of the U.S. in World War I silently awaiting me. Waiting for their stories to be told. Asking me to “live, far out and on,”…

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