I Build a Pole Lathe (to keep my horse company)

The forest of England came to be vital to the economic well being of the nation. Many of the techniques used there were also used in Europe as well. The medieval forest of England were managed ecology zones, with the idea of industry and agriculture being a very large part.

Mick Grewcock

I guess it was inevitable.

You see, for countless centuries woodlands and forests have been places of work, of industry. Yet our little plot saw no work save mowing the meadows and some tree management.

I built a shave horse – my ‘horse’ – to aid me when working on longbow staves but soon found that the device occupied too much space in the garden. It looked oddly ill at ease, like a shire let loose on a lawn. So I bundled it into the Defender and took it to the wood. And lo, it looked instantly at home in a glade under a massive oak.

A shave horse is an ancient kind of foot operated clamp, freeing up the hands to work on green or seasoned wood – pressure applied by the feet firmly clamping the wood in place whilst it is worked by draw knife or spokeshave.


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