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The Anglic societies more resist to the call of Marxism than many of the other Western societies and civilizations. Unfortunately some succumbed to the false illusion that Marxism presented and it lead to decades of murder and destruction. Others had no choice and had it imposed them from outside, especially the Eastern Europeans after the Second World war.

According To Hoyt


Construction work is never glamorous work.  My mother, who grew up in a very poor area, and wanted to marry up, early on excised construction workers from her list of potentials, because they “get so dirty.”

I grew up in and around construction sites nonethless.  One of my grandfathers was a “historical restauration” carpenter.  It’s like this, the castles and monuments stay on, because they’re made of stone, but the bits made of wood rot away with time.  He was one of the few people who knew how to replace them, in the proper medieval (or whatever) way.  Yeah, he was usually foreman, but you get the point.

My other grandfather (dad’s dad) was a cabinet maker.  And because I tended to haunt his workshop and follow him everywhere, and because though retired, he took odd jobs, often “in exchange” I used to follow him on those jobs, and be…

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